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I'm ch0ccyra1n, and use She/Her pronouns.

I am an Anarchist and terminally online weirdo, as well as a privacy enjoyer. I'll probably post here more often about whatever comes to mind 😎

Happy to report that the new Student Insurgent website is up and running! Check it out!

Added a bunch of "verified" emojis that ANYONE can use in their profiles just for fun


Go follow @subMedia @submedia_channel

Why? Cuz they're awesome and make hella awesome content! :sunglasses_cat:

Success! glitch-soc is now the software that Emerald Social runs on :sunglasses_cat:

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Gonna be upgrading this instance to glitch-soc instead of vanilla Mastodon.

Wish me luck!

SCP Foundation? Oh yeah, I use their work to copy files to my server!

There's no more podcast episodes in my feed to listen to 😿

Lmk of any new podcasts to add to my RSS reader

I made a bot that reposts stuff from the Eugene subreddit. Check it out!


Just updated my website's hugo theme! Looks so much better!

I'm at @naceugene 's Share Fair today! Come over and ask me anything about privacy, security, and anonymity. I also have a few copies of @fedizine for free here.

Just letting you all know that I'll be at @naceugene 's Share Fair in Eugene! I'll either be tabling about Emerald Social, privacy, and security culture in-general, or failing that, I'll end up volunteering at the info booth.

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